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Ways to Give Your Room the Perfect Makeover

New Year, new you, so why not a new room?

You can simply give your room a nice makeover by adding wall art, floor lamps, and so much more! Be creative with it, and you’ll never want to leave your room again.

Here are some simple ways to give your room the best makeover ever.

Add Some Greenery

Helping the environment and making your room more appealing, does it get better than this? Adding greenery to your room is one of the simplest ways to give your room the perfect makeover. Add large pots with your favorite plants to the corners of your room. However, do remember that many plants need sunlight, so you should only place indoor plants inside your home.

Select a peace lily, parlor plant, snake plant, Gerber daisy, and you are good to go! However, if you do want to add some flowers pots to your bedroom, we recommend placing the pot on a window sill, where they can get plenty of sunlight. Having green plants inside your room will also create a refreshing environment and improve indoor air quality. Doesn’t that seem fantastic?

Update Lighting

Another simple yet effective way to give your room a makeover is by adding more artificial lights to your room. If you have simple white bulbs in your room, change them. Try adding different colored bulb shades to your room. Select relaxing colors like blue and yellow, and your room will have a whole new relaxing vibe.

You can also add fairy lights over your bed or get a stylish table lamp. Moreover, you can purchase a floor lamp if you have enough space. Nothing lights a room better and in a more stylish way than a floor lamp!

Invest in Wall Art

If your walls are completely bare, it’s time to spruce things up and invest in some affordable wall art or wall hangings. Landscape paintings, portraits, or framed pictures would look great on your wall. Another aesthetically-appealing idea is to turn a whole wall of your room into a gallery wall. You can get multiple different-sized pictures or paintings and cover a whole wall with them. Your room will get a new artistic touch!

Add Many Cushions

Fancy some new cushions? Purchase some new comfortable, soft pillows, and arrange them on your bed. You can also create a cozy reading spot by using many cushions in a nook.

A bed with a couple of throw pillows

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