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The Effects of Remote Working on Your Health

The experience of remote working can vary from one employee to another. Depending on how disciplined you are, you can either benefit from this work setting or suffer. Some managers complain of slower productivity and lack of professionalism when their employees are allowed to work from their homes. Many companies have multiplied their profits due to these hybrid work practices, while others have faced bankruptcy. Aside from the financial consequences, remote working can also impact the workers’ health. Here are some ways your body and mind may benefit or struggle due to remote work.

1. Musculoskeletal Health

Many pieces of research have shown that sitting sedentary for prolonged hours can result in serious musculoskeletal issues. It tenses up your neck and back muscles and weakens your bones. To prevent such problems, you should add a comfortable office chair and a computer office desk in your home office. It will provide your back with the support it needs and reduce your reliance on pain killers.

2. Eye Strain

Eye problems have gotten increasingly common among office workers of all ages. An important reason for this complaint is the excessive use of digital screens in workplaces. Lack of natural light also plays a part in weakening your eyesight. To substitute sunlight, you can install a modern floor lamp in the living room and add a desk lamp for reading at night. Anti-glare screen protectors can also help your eyes heal from long screen time and protect your eyesight.

3. Mental Health

At the beginning of the pandemic, most of us assumed that remote working would only positively impact our mental health. But we failed to factor in the downsides of this working condition. Many people experienced a sense of isolation from their co-workers and social circle after staying indoors for multiple consecutive weeks. Relationship issues arose quite frequently, and making new friends became virtually impossible. All of these problems can lead to depression and anxiety among corporate workers in the US.
By making changes to your work environment, you can find relief from some of these illnesses. Turn your home into a welcoming space by installing a large wall art for living room. Add a soothing touch to your home office with a white office desk. And look for a large round mirror for sale and set it up in your favorite room. It will reflect light around the house and lift your mood.

Overeating habits

4. Weight Gain Risk

Obesity is a serious issue for the majority of our country’s population. And the remote work settings only worsened this problem for overweight individuals. People spent less time traveling and socializing, so they did not have a chance to include physical activity in their daily schedule. This problem can be minimized with the help of gym trainers and online exercise classes.  

5. Reduced Exposure to Pathogens

The main reason for offices to switch to remote working was to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. In addition to this infection, many other contagious diseases can also be prevented by limiting human exposure. This is why remote workers are less likely to call in sick and offer higher productivity, even during the flu season.

6. Gastrointestinal Health

When an employee is working from the office, they have limited food options available. Hence many resorts to eating junk food daily. It causes gastrointestinal issues and leads to long-term illnesses as well. Remote work has allowed people to cook, plan, and prep healthy meals regularly and improve their gut health.  

Skin health

7. Skin Condition

Working from home can be good for your skin because it limits your exposure to outdoor pollutants and excessive harsh sunlight. But make sure you spend a little time in the sun every day to avoid a vitamin D deficiency.

8. Allergies

Pollen and dust can trigger an allergic reaction in many people, which leads to breathing issues. By staying at home around the week, you can stay safe from this problem as well.

9. Temperature-Related Issues

Office air conditioning temperature can keep many workers uncomfortable and make them vulnerable to the common cold. But when you are working from home, you can focus on work without worrying about such issues.

10. Bowel Movement

Employees that work in an office for a 9 to 5 shift often complain about bowel movement issues. But when you are a remote worker, you can adjust toilet breaks around your work schedule. It improves digestion and helps prevent many gut-related illnesses.

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