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Managing Your Employees from Home; A Guide

Shifting your work setup from the office to home requires a big adjustment. You have to keep all your coworkers, superiors, and subordinates in the loop while fulfilling your responsibilities. It can be even more difficult for those managing and directing essential workers.

If a manager makes a mistake, the entire value chain of a business can be disrupted indefinitely. Supervisors have to use creativity and insight to keep their organization productive in remote situations. In addition to that, keeping your employees motivated can also be a serious challenge when managing a work team remotely. So here are a few tips that will allow you to boost your team’s productivity and morale from your home office desk.

1. Always Assume the Positive

When you communicate with your remote employees, many things are bound to get lost in the translation. We are often unaware of the context of a matter in virtual discussions. So if you face a situation where your employee says something ambiguous, don’t let your mind assume negative intent. This habit will enhance your employees’ loyalty to the company and help you avoid unnecessary altercations in the workplace.

2. Adjust the Schedules

Many of your employees could be facing issues that they cannot share with you. For instance, working parents face a different struggle each day and need adjustments in their schedules. Allow your employees to change their time when needed, so their work quality isn’t affected.

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3. Don’t Bend Rules

If you let one employee break an important work rule, soon there will be a serious productivity issue at your office. Managers have to be careful when making exceptions for employees. Make sure the related worker has an absolute need to go against the norm and don’t discriminate against one another. This practice is very important to keep your company’s culture intact.

4. Offer Financial Incentives

Setting up a home office is expensive for most employees, and the management should do whatever they can to help. If workers need specialized tools or gadgets to do their job efficiently, let them borrow them from the office. Another way to motivate your remote workers is by providing them with home office essentials like an ergonomic office chair, an office table with storage space, a modern floor lamp, Etc. If you cannot bill all of this to the company’s budget, you can send them smaller articles like throw pillows for their couches and wall art for living room to appreciate their efforts. These small investments have a big impact on your worker’s job satisfaction.    

5. Provide Regular Feedback

Due to the lack of physical interaction, your employees might not know their performance, weaknesses, and strengths. All managers should provide their subordinates with timely feedback and highlight both good and bad habits. But make sure to use positive criticism while mentioning their flaws, or they might take it negatively.

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6. Maintain an Informal Relationship

While establishing professional relationships should be the priority of all managers, they should also make time to connect with their employees personally. Your subordinates should be able to see you as a friend and helper, so they come to you in time of need.

7. Prefer Video over Audio

Face-to-face communication is much more convenient than virtual options. And the closest thing to real interaction is video meetings. So managers should avoid doing audio calls and replace them with live video. It improves the flow of information from both sides and clears all ambiguity.

8. Arrange Social Events

About once every quarter, you should meet up with your employees and spend time in an informal setting. These social interactions will straighten out any stringencies in your work relationships and make your subordinates respect you as a leader.   

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9. Use Technology to Your Advantage

Despite the size and nature of your workforce, you should get accustomed to the technological tools popular for remote work settings. They can make your job easier, improve your employees’ efficiency and make them more accountable for their responsibilities.

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