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Challenges People Face When Working From Home

Data experts predict that by 2025, 22% percent of Americans will be working remotely, which is an increment of around 87% from pre-pandemic levels. Increasing trends for freelancing and the fact that a growing number of corporations now support the idea of a work-from-home plan are driving up the stats for people working out of their main office.

While this switch-up has mostly been positive, if the testament of a large number of employees is anything to go by, working remotely does feature a series of challenges as well. There's little way around some of the problems, but most are manageable with a few adjustments.

After analyzing some of how we see our clients struggle when it comes to remote work, we're putting up some solutions you might benefit from.

Improper Office Equipment

While a lack of technical hardware and software features is one aspect of improper practical equipment, the absence of a fully functional workstation consisting of adequate seating and desk space is also a major factor that impedes people's productivity levels. Office chairs and desks are designed to optimize ergonomic functioning, but regular household furniture often fails to offer the same level of comfort and accessibility.

We recommend investing in our home office combo sets. These are cost-effective deals that feature three different office essentials, all of which are ergonomically sound. You save up on lots of dollars in exchange for a well-rounded set of office furniture.

Disturbed Work-Life Balance

A kitchen-based home office

Working and living in the same general area may result in people having a difficult time being able to set boundaries between the two. When it's time for work, you might get up to tend to a chore. Alternatively, you might be tempted to work on pending paperwork when it's your downtime. Such a lifestyle may affect your ability to remain productive and result in quicker burnout.

To combat the problem, we recommend setting up your home office in a room that doesn't constantly remind you of your activities of daily living. This is why your bedroom and kitchen are a big no-no for a home-based workstation.

Lack of Motivation

The lack of a professional work environment and coworker interaction can negatively affect your ability to stay committed to your work. Moreover, limited privacy, a lot of distractions, and sharing the same space with family members—all add to the list of factors that prevent the right level of motivation needed for office tasks from building up.

In our experience, setting up your home office in an area that's cut off from the rest of the house, like your basement for example, helps you achieve the same feeling of working from your main office to some degree. Additionally, you can keep a planner on hand or stick up post-it notes on a wall to help remind you of your goals and prevent your work from derailing off-track.

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