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7 Organizing Tips for Office Furniture

Organizing office furniture means adjusting it in the right place to ensure higher productivity and minimum wastage of time. Moreover, it will make the space look better by creating an airy space.

With strategic planning and careful office layout evaluation, organizing your office won’t take long. Consider this an ongoing project to prevent delays in business operations and reduced employee efficiency.  

The following tips will ensure a smooth transformation of your office into an efficient workspace.  

Keep a Clear Entryway

The entrance of your office is the first thing an individual comes into contact with, so make sure it has a few furniture pieces near it. Heavier objects like the bookshelves and desk should be placed away from the door to create an illusion of a bigger space.

Placing large pieces of furniture away from your eyes will give you a better view of the overall space as you walk in. Keeping more things near the entryway will also shrink the place visually and interrupt traffic flow.

Conference table in office

Focus on Visual Balance

Carefully distribute visual weight in your office to make the space appear balanced. So avoid putting all case goods and equipment in one corner while leaving the other walls blank with no furniture. Consider furniture and décor both when creating a visual balance in your office.

With your bookcases and desk at one end, you can hang some large statement wall art to achieve balance on the opposite wall.   

Allow Free Traffic Flow

Arranging your furniture in a cluttered way will make it difficult for people to move around freely. In addition to being irritating, this arrangement can be stressful for employees in a cramped space. Moreover, it can cause turmoil during an emergency such as a fire accident.

While designing an office floor plan, ensure the walkway is at least 3 feet wide to prevent a chaotic situation. Keep the walkway clear of any furniture to keep it as wide as possible. Filing cabinets and bookcases can be kept close to the desk to create a space through which one can move easily.

Declutter your Office

Declutter everything you don’t need in your office to make more space for new furniture. Look around and get rid of things you haven’t used for a long time. Focus on one area of a room at a time. Don’t forget to clear your walls if the decorations are covered with dust and make your workspace look shabby. 

Use the Empty Wall Space

This step may be a little complicated, especially while organizing furniture in a small office space. A simple tip is to avoid lining up all the furniture against the walls, and to make better use of the space, place the desk in the center of the room. You can place the guest chairs in the open area. The right open wall space makes a room look more spacious than an overly cluttered space.

Organize your Desk

Placing the desks is one of the most crucial considerations when organizing furniture, as putting them in the wrong place can hinder productivity. Facing a wall is uninspiring, while a bad window angle can cause screen glare, so place the desks where employees can enjoy a full view of the space and can look out of the window easily.

When organizing furniture in an office room for two, make sure the desks face the door, while a bookshelf can be placed against the wall behind the desk.

office seating plan

Create an Office Seating Plan

You’ll need a proper seating plan for your office when your team exceeds 150 members. Make sure you place their workstations in a way that improves their experience and promotes engagement, and boosts productivity. Talk to your employees when finding the right place for their workstations.

Some employees prefer sitting near the window or against the wall, while others may request to sit near their acquaintances or friends at work. Whether you can fulfill your employees’ requests or not, their performance will benefit from an appropriate seating plan.

 leather chair for office

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