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6 Stunning Home Library Design Ideas

Do you love reading books and find yourself daydreaming about how it would feel to be a character in your favorite book? Almost every book lover has thought about building a whole library in their house and collecting thousands of books. And it isn’t that difficult. All you need are books, a 3 or 4 shelf bookcase, a passion for reading, and you’re good to go!

Here are some stunning home library design ideas you can follow.

A Black Library

Ah, black,  the classic color combined with some classic tales! Do we need to say more? Simply get black shelves and arrange your books on them. You can also add some black-colored furniture, like a couple of armchairs or a table, for a more stunning look!

Built-In Seating Inside the Shelf

Don’t have a comfortable chair or couch to add to your home library? No need to worry! Transform the largest shelf of your bookcase into a seating space. However, if you don’t have one in your existing bookcase, you can simply get one! Make this seating shelf as comfortable as possible. Add as many blankets, rugs, cushions, and pillows as you can. After all, comfort is the key to a nice, cozy reading session!

Stick to Classic Wood Shelves

If your house has many architectural details on the walls or roof, you can use that to your advantage. Use pure brown wooden shelves to make a classic library inspired by the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ library!

Lots of Vibrant Colors

Having a library with many pops of colors would be a stunning addition to your house. And it’s very simple to get a vibrant library. Just start by adding a colored table to the center of your room. Add a multi-colored rug, and paint the shelves blue, purple, or other colors. However, do remember to follow a definite color scheme as you don’t want your library to look like a paint box.

Curtain Divider Library

If you love books but don’t have a separate room in your house for a library, we recommend creating one in your living room or bedroom. Use a curtain in your favorite shade to hide the shelf. There you go! You have your own secret library that you can access after drawing these curtains!


A Tropical Library

If you love books and plants, you can display your love for both of these in a single room in your house. Just build a simple library with books on wooden shelves, and add small plant pots on empty shelves. You can also add large potted plants on the floor if you don’t have space on the shelves. Boom, your very own tropical library!

Tropical home library with a 3 shelf bookcase and plants

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