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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Office Furniture

Whether you’re launching a new startup, moving to a new office, or growing your current one, getting the right furniture is important. But, a lot can go wrong when making your decision, especially if you don’t partner with a reliable office furniture supplier.

Mistakes while buying office furniture not only waste your money but also cause harmful health effects in the long run. If you’re looking for office furniture that offers maximum comfort in the workplace, pay attention to these helpful tips before purchasing.

Focusing on Looks Over Comfort

Furniture that looks attractive and stylish but doesn’t provide the required comfort is useless. So it’s crucial to focus on functionality while balancing it with style while browsing furniture. Though it’s essential to work on the aesthetics of your workspace, it’s not what your decision should be entirely based on.

Assess how the chairs must feel if you have to sit on them for hours. When you visit the store, test the furniture before purchasing it. The process may be time-consuming, but the benefits careful evaluation offers are worth it.     

For example, pick a chair with an adjustable backrest, armrests, seat tilt, seat rest, and height. A chair offering a wide range of adjustability will meet the ergonomic needs of multiple employees.  

Making Hasty Decisions

Before reaching out to a furniture supplier, evaluate your office plan and determine the number of chairs, conference tables, and desks you’ll need. Moreover, think of where these products will go in the office.

Experts recommend you plan your office layout ahead of time to avoid overbuying furniture or not getting enough. Do your research on online tools for office space planning. Ask your employees what they didn’t like about the old setup and the changes they’d like you to make in the new space. Think of the long-term and avoid buying trendy designs because your office may look outdated in the future.      

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Neglecting Employee Wellness

Though budgeting is an important concern when looking for office furniture, it doesn’t mean you should opt for the cheapest option. Think of the wellness of your employees to avoid mistakes. Know that every individual is different, so what one finds comfortable may be uncomfortable for another.

For example, a workstation designed for tall people may be unbearable for a shorter one, and vice versa. Moreover, a chair with armrests may not be suitable for larger individuals.

Purchasing Mismatched Furniture

If you’re planning to buy furniture from multiple dealers, you may end up with mismatched items. Consistency is essential when planning your office setup, so make sure you buy furniture of the same color and style. This will not only make your office look stylish but also professional.

Match basic light colors like white and grey, white and brown, or white and green to enhance the overall appearance of your office. Some colors may have the same name in different stores, but the colors don’t match up. So it’s best to order all products from the same store to prevent mismatches.

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Ignoring Space Limitations

Besides creating an efficient office plan, make sure you consider the space limitations. For example, note the dimensions of your freight elevator and check whether the conference room’s door is big enough to let a conference table through.

Make sure the office doors are also big enough, or you’ll have to receive the furniture disassembled in flat packs. Without this groundwork and research, you’re likely to find that some items can’t fit into the office.    

Partnering with an Unreliable Manufacturer

You can avoid all the above-mentioned mistakes by partnering with a reliable furniture dealer as they have comprehensive knowledge of every office setup and its requirements. An experienced dealer will provide everything you need and quickly have all products delivered and accurately installed.

On the other hand, an unreliable dealer may fail to fulfill your requirements, mix up different orders, make excuses at the last minute, and delay the delivery. If you encounter any such issues, consider this a red flag to avoid a huge headache. Do your research and find a reputable furniture store before you begin shopping.

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