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5 Household Items To Surprise Your Spouse With In The New Year

While you don’t need a special occasion to surprise your spouse—a new year is definitely one of the perfect times to go on a shopping spree for your loved ones.

And if, like us, you’re at that point in life where you and your spouse get more excited about new throw pillows for the couch than some pretty jewels or fancy watches—then we have the perfect household items for you!

Here are some of our best-selling products for your contemporary home.

Some Framed Art to Add A Pop of Color to Your Bedroom

We don’t know about you, but we find art to be a very safe gift. Because not only is it typically pretty and aesthetic, but it’s also something that can be accepted and used very easily.

For instance, your spouse may have to wear a piece of clothing you give them out of courtesy, even if they don’t love it. But it’s different with art. Because firstly, art is generally likable. And secondly, it can be used in almost any space within a house. So, it’s definitely a safe option.

A Comfy and Trendy Dining Bench

A sleek, gray dining bench

Normally, we wouldn’t recommend buying furniture for any family room without your spouse’s opinion, but it’s not really possible to go wrong with this dining bench.

It’s both modern and minimalistic and is neutral enough to work with all interior styles. So, basically, your spouse has no reason not to love it.

A White Multi-Purpose Desk

A simple white office desk

Believe it or not, this desk is on your spouse’s wish list. We can bet that they’ve screenshotted and saved something similar in their gallery.

It’s sleek, simple, and extremely versatile. While it’s, of course, designed to be used as a home office desk, it can also be used as a console or even as a trendy and minimalistic dressing table. We think it’s a must-have!

An Eccentric Round Wall Shelf for The Living Room

A round wall shelf in black

Depending on your spouse’s taste, this one may take a while to grow on them, but once they realize how infinitely functional this wall shelf is, they’ll fall in love with it.

It’s stylish enough to be installed anywhere from your study, or home office, to your living room. In fact, you can even install it in a kitchen for your fancier cutlery.

A Gorgeous Office Chair in Black and Rose Gold

A black office chair with rose gold finishing

Okay, let’s be honest. This chair’s more for you than for your spouse. On the surface, of course, you’re going to surprise them with it, and they’ll love it, but doesn’t mean you can’t use it too while working from home?

With its adjustable height options and comfortable mid-back, this office is chair is a dream!

So, don’t wait for Valentine’s, and start browsing our vast collection today. We also have ottomans for sale as well as modern lamps—you’re sure to find something your spouse will love. Check it out here!