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11 Effective Tips for Expert Parenting While Working Remotely

Many working parents find it challenging to balance their personal and professional lives. They have to prioritize their child’s needs above all other matters and ensure their work schedule doesn’t get in the way of efficient parenting and vice-versa. Some make changes to their working conditions to ensure they don’t miss out on important parenting tasks.

While others choose to work from their home office desks, so all their children’s needs are met on time. Remote working might solve many time-management issues for a parent, creating other unique problems. Here are some of the challenges you might face when working from your comfortable office chair and looking over your young children.  

1. Starting the Day

Every working parent has to start their day twice, once for their children and the second time for their work shift. This means they might have to cook breakfast twice, drive their kids to the school and then sit down again to continue their office responsibilities. This routine can exhaust a parent before the day even begins.

2. The Guilt

No matter how much time and effort a working parent puts in for their children, most still have a lingering feeling of guilt. They look over to other parents who are doing more and managing an even stricter schedule. These thoughts can affect the morale of a working parent and create further psychological issues within the family.

Working comfortably

3. Doubts from the Employer

Despite giving your best at your job, your employer may still doubt your dedication if you are raising a child while working a full-time job. Many corporate managers believe that working parents cannot take their careers seriously. They keep these employees’ career progression on hold and test their limits to see how much more they can sacrifice for the employer organization. This forces many single parents to quit their jobs or look for freelancing options instead.

4. Physical Discomfort

You can judge by the body language of working parents how much stress they are under every day. They have to get off their office chair multiple times a day to check up on their children. They have to work from different rooms of the house, so their kids are not left unsupervised. They have to take multiple breaks during the work shift, so their children feel included in their lives. All of this puts a parent in a physically and mentally uncomfortable position. Good quality home office furniture can take some of this burden off busy parents. A console table with drawers can help you stay organized, an ergonomic office chair will keep your posture upright, and a 4 shelf bookcase will give you extra storage space for your work supplies and your kids’ belongings. You can also put mesh office chairs in more than one place in your home so that you can work from any room. And don’t forget to accessorize your living space with a large round mirror, so your home looks more sophisticated, and you can keep an eye on your kids’ activities all around the house.

5. Career Progression Issues

Every employed professional looks forward to growth opportunities in their career. They plan their future and set goals to improve along the way. But when an employee juggles work with parental responsibilities, their employers consider them unworthy of promotions and appraisals. They would rather promote a candidate who can solely dedicate their time to their company and has minimal dependents at home. So no matter how much hard work a parent puts into building their career, they still get discriminated against by their colleagues. This is the main reason for the lack of motivation in working parents. They choose to do the bare minimum for their employer because they know their additional efforts would not be appreciated anyway. It brings down the company’s productivity and makes it harder for employees to balance work and personal life.

A father working from home

6. Difficulty in Transition

Making changes to your work schedule or your child’s daily routine can be much more difficult when you are a working parent. Most parents realized this at the beginning of the pandemic when they had to shift from a professional environment to a small office desk at home. This change overwhelmed most parents and caused a great deal of stress. Children also had to attend school online during this time, which meant many parents had to tutor their children. This increased load of responsibilities forced many parents to make difficult career choices. Some gave up on lucrative growth opportunities while others worked for long hours.

7. Lack of Personal Time

Most parents find time for themselves when their kids are away at school or on playdates outdoor. Working parents would spend some personal time on the commute to work or with their friendly colleagues after their work shifts. But as soon as remote work started during the pandemic, parents were in charge of their children at all hours of the day. It affected their mental health in many ways and caused them to burn out. As the trend of working from home continues past the pandemic, this problem persists for most working parents in the US.

Tips to Manage Responsibilities

All of these problems can affect the personal life of a parent and hold them back in terms of their career progression. So here are some effective and pragmatic strategies parents should employ to make remote work more feasible.

 Struggling with responsibilities

1. Keep a Positive Attitude

When you are burdened with many work and family responsibilities, it can be difficult to maintain a good mood. But if you display signs of unhappiness and frustration, it will put your kids in a negative mood too. Their academic performance could suffer, and their emotional growth will also be hindered. Parents should teach their kids to look for silver linings in every unfortunate situation and practice gratitude themselves. Think about all the time and money you save because of remote working. All the healthy meals you can cook for yourself and your loved ones, and all the quality time you can spend with your family.

2. Keep Your Schedule Flexible

When working from your computer office desk at home, you are likely to get distracted by domestic responsibilities. If you have to get up from your office chair multiple times a day, you will not be able to follow a strict work routine. This would lead you to doubt your capabilities and lower your morale. So learn to be easy on yourself and allow some flexibility into your schedule. Take each day as it comes, and don’t burden yourself with unnecessary deadlines.

3. Keep Your Coworkers and Managers in the Loop

If your employer and colleagues value your work, they will be more than willing to give you some extra time on the days you need it. Keep them in the loop and inform them about your parental responsibilities. This tactic is much better than delaying work without an explanation and helps you gain the trust of your work associates.

Working without a home office

4. Design a Productive Home Office

An important source of work-related stress is an unorganized office desk or a poorly-designed home office space. Parents are so occupied with their children at home that they don’t put any thought into designing an efficient workstation. A crowded office desk will not only be difficult to work on but also cause daily delays. If you are putting together a home office for the first time, make sure to invest in high-quality and durable furniture pieces. Find a leather office chair for sale online and set it up with a glass office desk. Then decorate this space with a modern floor lamp and add a few tasteful wall art pieces. Once your office is customized according to your liking, you will enjoy spending time in it. It will bring a great positive change in your personal life and make parental responsibilities easily manageable.

5. Lower Your Expectations

Unrealistic expectations often set up working parents for disappointment. Just like your career goals should be achievable, your parenting expectations should also be easy to meet. Take on one responsibility at one time and slowly adjust your work-from-home schedule with your kids’ routine.

6. Don’t Compare

We all have different parenting techniques when it comes to raising our children. This is because each child is unique in their capabilities and needs. Some need guidance in academics, while others require more emotional support. When we notice a child thriving in any aspect of their life, we automatically assume that it is because of their parents’ efforts. These thoughts can affect a hard-working parent’s self-esteem and make them doubt their parental instincts. You should never compare yourself to other parents or your children to other children because no good can come out of this behavior. Keep focused on your own family and only refer to other parents when looking for creative parenting ideas.

A father working next to his family

7. Make Time for Outdoor Activities

After working from your computer office desk all day, you may get tired of staying indoors. Your children’s daily screen time will also increase if you don’t take them outdoors for healthy activities. Hence, it is essential for remote working parents to make time for engaging and child-friendly hobbies. You can take a short walk every day around sunset, go for a family picnic in the park or have a meal in your kids’ favorite restaurant. These activities barely take a few hours a day and help you become a better parent and a more focused employee.

8. Prep Snacks Ahead

Cooking fresh meals can take a lot of time when you have young kids running around the house all day. To save some of this hassle, you should make a habit of prepping meals ahead. Keep instant snacks laid out for your kids. So when they return from school, they won’t disturb you and make you get off your comfortable office chair.

A parent with a toddler

9. Get Family Members Involved

When working with a deadline, you shouldn’t feel ashamed about asking your spouse or other family members for help. If your parents or in-laws live nearby, ask them to come over or drop your kids at their place. Your kids will enjoy this family time, and you won’t be worried while handling work.  

10. Turn Responsibilities into Games

Turn house chores into a game and review the scores weekly. This way, your kids will compete with each other to get the reward without feeling bored.

A dedicated parent

11. Communicate with Your Kids

Communication is key to building any meaningful relationship, and parents need to use this tool for an improved work-life balance. Talk to your kids about any schedule changes at work and ask them to cooperate. This will teach them accountability at a young age and make parenting easier.

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